Achieve the perfect cup of coffee with precise home barista equipment.

Coffee Gadgets UK offers a wide selection of high-quality prosumer products for coffee enthusiasts. Visit our store on the outskirts of Bath to explore our collection.

  • Showroom & Demo Bar.

    Come and experience our UK showroom and demo bar, where we have a complete range of prosumer machines on display. This exclusive opportunity allows you to try out these extraordinary machines before finalising your choice.

  • Precision & Quality Assurance.

    At our store, we pay meticulous attention to selecting each coffee machine. Our team of professionals rigorously tests every product to ensure it meets our elevated standards of quality, accuracy, and performance.

  • Professional Technical Support.

    Benefit from our extensive technical background that spans four decades. Our in-house technicians in the UK are thoroughly trained on all the equipment we sell. This ensures that we can provide full support for every machine we offer.

  • Part Exchange & Pre Loved Machines.

    Upgrade your prosumer machines effortlessly through our trade-in program. Our skilled technicians will diligently restore, service, and repair your used machinery, ensuring they can be resold as reliable prosumer machines with a warranty.

Our Show Room

Situated just beyond the stunning city of Bath, our showroom offers a welcoming space to explore our products.

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