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Conti Ace Espresso Coffee Machine

Conti Ace Espresso Coffee Machine

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Multi Boiler, Triple Heat Zone System

With an independent coffee boiler and coffee group accurately temperature controlled by its own PID system, supplied with preheated water from our steam boiler exchanger, Ace ensures perfect precision for your coffee every time. Each parameter is adjustable to offer perfect brew temperatures for coffees of different origin or roast profile.

Soft Pre-Infusion

Intended to replicate the elementary yet effective one-way pre-infusion found originally in lever espresso machines, our in-house system ensures that the barista can fully saturate the coffee puck under controlled low pressure. This results in incredibly consistent extraction and espresso with increased body and better mouthfeel.

Small But Mighty

Despite its compact footprint, the Ace has serious capacity, packing in a 2.75l steam boiler and 0.9l coffee boiler, with the added ability to utilise our power management system to increase or decrease the power consumption at will.

Additional Features

Customisation – ACE offers core colours of Graphite Black and Papyrus White, but is available to order in a choice of 10 distinct colours, enabling the machine to harmonise perfectly with it’s environment.

Barista comfort – Barista lights ; Cranked Ergonomic Portafilters ; extraction mirror, Shot Timers, and APP CONNECT.

Precision, competition standard Shower Plates and Baskets – Machined and packaged exclusively for Conti by IMS, these components have exacting build criteria to ensure an even extraction. The homogenous hole diameter and polished inner surface perforations, help avoid any obstruction during the brewing process, meaning a consistent shot every time.
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Customer Reviews

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Conti ACE - Black

I’m really happy with my new Conti ACE. Everything about it feels well built and designed to help you make great coffee. It looks good too — we went for the black and chrome model.

I love that it’s volumetric, so once I’ve dialled in a new coffee, I can set the yield and it repeats it every time. It has two boilers with an additional heater for the group head, so it warms up in half the time of my old E61 machine, and maintains a consistent temperature for shot after shot. It’s easy to program the pre-infusion phase or alter the temperatures to tweak the extraction you’re getting. The steam wand deserves a special mention: it delivers abundant steam that seems very dry, so the texture of my steamed milk is markedly better.

Big thanks to Martin and Darren at Coffee Gadgets UK for helping us find our ideal machine — and for installing it, plumbing it in and setting it up. They’ve been immensely helpful throughout, and their knowledge of all the equipment is unparalleled.