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Moccamaster KBG

Moccamaster KBG

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Moccamaster KBG Select.

The benefits:
• Fast: a full jug of coffee in 6 minutes
• Hot coffee: perfect brewing temperature of 92-96°C
• Ingenious: selector switch for optimum taste with a full or half-full pot of coffee
• Intelligent: the hot plate keeps your coffee at 80-85°C
• Fire-safe: switches off automatically after 40 minutes
• Iconic design and available in a lot of colours
• Handmade in the Netherlands using high-quality materials
• Durable: long lifespan and repairable, 5-year warranty and all parts are available separately
• Certified by the European Coffee Brewing Center (ECBC) and Specialty Coffee Association (SCA)

What's in the box:

 •   Filter coffee machine
 •   Glass jug
 •   Filter basket
 •   Lid filter basket
 •   Lid of water container
 •   Wateroutlet 9-hole
 •   Measuring spoon
 •   Instruction manual
 •   3 No. 4 filters Paper

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Customer Reviews

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Excellent Service

Found The Coffee Lobby from there website, took my coffee machine in to be fixed guys there were honest in that it was more economical to buy a second hand machine, traded my old one in at a fair price and came away with a preloved machine, scales and am looking to buy a coffee grinder from them too.

No hard pushy sales, they give advice and up to you if you go with it. People there are great, they know there stuff. Would highly recommend for servicing and repairs, or if you want a decent second hand or new machine.