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Compak E5 Grinder

Compak E5 Grinder

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Flat 58 mm burrs ensures accurate particle size for espresso and spectacular productivity: 7 gr in 2.5 seconds. special pre-wear treatment is applied to ensure optimal performance from the first use. durability of 400 kg. Continuous micrometric adjustment system parallel set the grind point with maximum precision in a very simple and intuitive way. the new parallel locking system provides an extra level of security ensuring parallel positioning between burrs at all times. Accurate dosing. time per dose: 2.5 sec. = 7 gr espresso (*) (*) calculated time to the grind point for a cup of espresso coffee 25 ml in 25 seconds. with 7 grams of coffee. Adjustable porta-fork height, universal clamp and holder perfect fit for the most common portafilter sizes, which also allows for hands-free usage. Three position switch offers total control to the barista without been necessary to use the electronical system of the grinder. Electrical components certificate according to directive 2011/65/eu.

  • “Parallel System” grind regulator lock
  • 1 or 2 On-Demand ground coffees
  • Touch control screen
  • Motor with fan
  • Three positions switch with by-pass
  • Universal adjustable height porta filter holder

Electronic features:

  • Multilanguage Display
  • 3 Modes: Pre-selection – Automatic – Instant
  • Protection menu access by Password
  • Total and Partial shot counter
  • Notice of change of Burrs
  • Date and time
  • Quantity lock configurable by weight ground

LCD display:

  • Multilanguage
  • Changing burrs alarm
  • 3 Modes: Pre-selection – Automatic – Instant
  • Refill Button
  • Absolute and relative coffees counting
  • Activate pad and end of service sound
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